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Dear Friend,

If you’d like to Allow Your Martial Art To Work For You, Not Against You, Defeat a Much Larger or Stronger Attacker with One Shot Take Out Power, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read…..

If you’re up to it, I want to disclose some eye-opening and quite disturbing information to you about some of the best kept secrets in the martial arts.  Listen…I’m not trying to scare you here but you need to know what’s been going on seemingly behind your back, for quite some time now – Are you okay with that?  Okay –

Here’s Why:

With our Specialized Dim Mak training, you’re getting real knowledge of not only where the points are, but how to strike them. You will also learn the very secretive training methods that enabled the masters of old to become proficient in the highly classified “Death Touch”….

Right this very second – “You may not be aware of it yet but…..There’s a way to win a fight, even against a much larger attacker.

Now, I know you’re probably skeptical. That’s normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:

Three Reasons To Believe What I Have To Say…

Reason One: Our instructors have trained all over the world with some of the very best “Closed Door” methods of Martial Arts Instruction.

Reason Two: We have honed down the information to allow you to get it to work for you whether you are a rank beginner or seasoned Black Belt.

Reason Three: We have been selling our Pressure Point Charts for close to 20 years, with thousands of satisfied customers from every part of the world…Furthermore, the information in our new courses included information not found anywhere else….

Dim Mak Power Striking is Here…

The reason We’ve decided to release Dim Mak Power Striking Secrets to the public is… Because if you ever have to Wage War, then you deserve to know and “ARM Yourself With Precision Weapons!“

As you read on, I’ll tell you more about how these high velocity concepts, methods and tactics will help you but let me tell you some straight from the hip facts about the rest of the picture.

Fact Is–
“Most martial arts never really teach someone how to adequately defend themselves, because most of the training is katas, sparring and other calisthenics. We show you how to increase the most potent weapon of all…..YOUR MIND!”…”
Sifu Al Perhacs, Creator of Dim Mak Power Striking

Most instructors don’t want you to know about this (even if they knew, they’d probably keep it to themselves) so that’s why – I’m here to protect YOU my fellow martial artist….

With that said –  I’m going to cut right to the chase and tell you exactly what this AMAZING course of instruction is capable of doing for you.

So, This Basically Means You Can….

Quickly ‘Snatch-Up’ The highly guarded secrets that many martial arts masters went to their graves with. We’ve searchd and studied for years, and know you can have the benefits in this outstanding program of Dim Mak Power Striking Points !”

Shhh…Don’t Tell Anyone About This Yet But –

Hidden in this curriculum are ” 2 Different Versions of The Original 36 Dim Mak Striking Points and instruction on how to hit them!”

YES, can you even begin to imagine what this could mean for you? Knowledge like this is hard to find, but even more important is the hidden training methods that go along with the charts….

Gosh, I mean… how do you beat that?

And to make it even better, you can use this information 24/7. It will be right at your fingertips for whenever you want to delve deeper…..

Oh and don’t worry, We keep the confidence of our customers under lock and key….We have trained some of the top martial artists out there (even some Shaolin Monks), so you can be assured we will never divulge your name or information to anyone…..  That means confidentiality at the highest level!

Just to give you a little idea as to how simple, yet powerful, this  is…Check out the wonderful poster below!

This is Our New Dim Mak Power Striking Head Points Poster

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Now, you’re probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.

Let me explain.

The Difference Between Functional Dim Mak and Theoretical Dim Mak

There are many books, videos and courses on pressure points, Dim Mak, vital point striking, etc, and many of these are excellent sources of information. The only thing that most of these products don’t teach is the actual way you train to get these points to work properly.

I like to call this the educational Dim Mak, and lets face it, Dim Mak is one the most fascinating concepts in the martial arts. Believe me, I have most of the books and videos on Dim Mak, and I can say with certainty, they all have their place. However, what most of them lack is the ability to show you how to integrate Dim Mak into your art.

Most systems teach Dim Mak from the perspective of a specific art such as Okinawin Karate or Taiji. If you don’t fight within those systems, you’ll be lost trying to learn  (trust me, I’ve tried that route).

I’ll show you how to integrate this into your own art whether its Karate, Kung Fu or Brazilian Ju-Jitsu…

With our specialized curriculum you will learn the devastating methods of how to train to pull off this type of specialized fighting. Of course, if your the type that would use these for the wrong purpose, don’t even bother ordering the course as we only want responsible adults using this highly coveted material.

Since we came out with the Dim Mak portion of our course (the Pressure Points charts have been selling for 20 years), the response has been tremendous…..

We have recently decided to offer up our “Advanced Dim Mak Power Striking” notes to those that really want to take their skills to the next level….

This new information is so secretive, it took us years to get up the nerve to offer it  even to our best students….Over the years, we have had students visit us in person to learn these “Closed Door” methods….And let me tell you, we have charged some extremely large dollars to teach what we are show casing in our Advanced Curriculum….

Why would we do this?

First off, we know that only the most diligent and persistent student will attain the level of mastery, so we are not afraid to put the information out there…..

Secondly, all of our best students, join our specialized membership, to get all of the little tips, tricks and techniques not contained in any of our programs….

Believe me, this alone is worth the cost of the course times 10.

And if You Learn to Add Chi Manipulation to Your Dim Mak Striking……LOOK OUT!

That is an entirely different animal that no one wants to even mess with….

Don’t Take My Word for It, Listen to What Some of our Black Belt Customers Had To Say!
“I just finished reading your latest manuscript on Dim Mak. I have to tell you, I am very impressed. Your depth of knowledge is remarkable. The content of your work is very clear, concise and accurate. It is presented in an easy to read style which gives the reader a thorough understanding of this sometimes very complicated subject. The photo’s and diagrams are very helpful and depict the targets and weapons very nicely. Very good work!!!…”
Jim Belliveau, 2nd Dan Black Belt Judo/Wing Chun Kung Fu
“Well I just got the pressure point chart package from this website exactly a week ago and I am just Emailing to say it’s awesome it’s worth every penny the details are so clear that I really did not have any hard time understanding the terms because it’s so simple to follow and it did not use those fancy words about pressure points like other books. I’ve been a doing martial arts for not so long like about 4 years almost 5 but the things that I learned from those CD(s) and the books really adds up to my knowledge and how I can use pressure points to a self defense situation well of course I think I really need to practice and listen to the CD(s)couple more times to actually clarify information that was given to me….”
(Jay D) “Mix” kickboxing, tai kwon do and karate practitioner

Not going to bore you with more, but I have hundreds if not thousands like that if not better!

Now, that didn’t quite surprise me, but THIS may surprise you.-

– I Have A Confession To Make! –

“I’ve been secretly leaking (I mean sharing) Dim Mak Power Striking Secrets to a select few people, just to see what they think and – do you know what their most common response was to just the first manuscript…?”

They ALL simply said, “WOW!”

When you deliver the goods to satisfied customers over and over again, you get a reputation for getting people exactly what they want. We have shipped this course to every continent with the exception of Antarctica, but you never know what the future holds.

This is Our Original Dim Mak Power Striking Poster

Warning: Do NOT Buy Any Dim Mak Course Unless It Meets The Following 3 Criteria
  • You can find Dim Mak books, videos and other instruction sources anywhere. Just go into a local bookstore and you will see a plethora of information. And very good information at that. What you won’t get is the nitty gritty details on how to really train to pull these points in combat.
  • Make sure you find out if the instructor has actually used these points in a fight….Not a demo, not a seminar, but a real gut busting, balls to the wall fight with real adversaries….Our instructors and some of our students have…
  • Also, find out if you can establish a mentoring relationship, where you can stay in touch and develop your skills beyond the context of a course and notes. Our students often times will Join our membership program to learn additional and esoteric skills.

You Get At Least 10 Times Your Money’s Worth!

Like I said before,I have charged thousands of dollars over the years to individuals who wanted to become proficient with these methods….

Trust me, this course of instruction is worth several times what we are charging and we challenge you to compare it to others on the market….

So, we will teach you how to totally destroy you opponent in a fighting situation…..Techniques that many travel the world just to learn, but would good is just learning how to hurt someone…..

The greatest destroyers can also be the greatest healers, so we also include the healing portion of this masterful information.

Here’s What You’ll Receive When You Claim Your Copy of This Powerful System
The Dim Mak Manual you’ve ever wanted to know the secrets of the clandestine art of Death Point Striking or Dim Mak, you’ve got an opportunity to get what you’ve been seeking…

Our Dim Mak Course, which includes (3) three striking and healing chart posters, has been a best seller for years…The one thing missing was a nice concise high quality manual for you to have to learn this information even better…

Here are just a few of the things you’ll discover:



  • Learn the exact placement of all of the most deadly striking points with our beautiful full color Dim Mak Power Striking Posters.
  • Can quickly locate the most potent Dim Mak points on your opponent for a either a quick disabling or totally “Take Out”.
  • Uncover hidden methods of training so rare that your colleagues will will wish they had found it first and curse the day you were born. (Heck they might just pay YOU to teach these highly guarded strategies to them, so the’ll be in the know!
  • How to learn the secret of taking these concepts and integrating it with your current style of martial art. No need to learn a new style, just apply these concepts to your chosen style of fighting.
  • Discover a trick that will allow you to hit ten times harder than you ever have before (It might surprise you!)
  • A magical secret that reveals exactly how to put together striking combinations as well as become proficient at isolating your ability to strike these points at will.
  • Find out why some people have a non-reaction to a strike…and how you can beat them every time all the time by taking advantage of that fact.
  • Find out why your martial arts instructor (s) fear this information getting out
  • Unearth the one secret “Diamond Point” method that will increase your ability to hit your target by 110%!
  • How to guarantee your skills will work under “battle conditions”!
  • How to legally and ethically use these points in a confrontation without killing or maiming!
  • Create your own techniques on the fly that will work every time)
  • Discover THE best way to strike while your attacker is standing or on the ground!
  • The Ultimate Striking tools, and how to use them under high-stress situations.
  • Instantly have the power and confidence to know you are in control of a situation, way before it gets physical….We call it “POWER MIND” (Advanced Concept)
  • And SO Much More…

Format: Instant PDF Access

Price: $19.95- Sells Everyday on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other Online Retailers for $30.36


Dim Mak Audio Files

nj online gambling self exclusion casinoThese audio files are a perfect compliment to the manuscript and will allow you to grasp the concepts even better.

Just download these files to your MP3 player or computer for all the learning of these powerful concepts

With my Dim Mak Manual, I show you the next level of techniques to hone down your skills. The MP3s go into some of the areas most requested by our clients and customers around the world.

You’re getting intensive training in areas not readily taught.

Format: Instant MP3 Download

Price: $19.95

Acupressure Points Manual

Here is but a small sample of all the methods you can use with this Acupressure Guide: You will learn techniques to heal common ailments such as:

  • Basic Directions How to stop pain, swelling, bruising on bumps and strains
  • How to remove sinus headaches & congestion
  • How to remove a migraine headache
  • Pressure Points for Protection & Self-Defense
  • Eye-ache
  • Earache
  • Mouth
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Chest
  • Muscle Pain
  • Neck Muscle Problems
  • Upper Backache
  • Lower Backache & Sciatic Pain
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Pain in Groin
  • Cramps or Pain in the Arms
  • Elbow Pain (Tennis Elbow)
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Stiff or Painful Fingers
  • Cramps/Pains in the Legs
  • Knee Pain
  • Stiff or Painful Arthritic Feet and Toes
  • Relief of Pain from Hemorrhoids
  • Hard Contact Sports Chinese & American Splits
  • Common Household Remedies

Format: Instant PDF Access

Price: $19.95

Acupressure Audio Files

These audio files are a perfect compliment to the manuscript and will allow you to grasp the concepts even better.

Just download these files to your MP3 player or computer for all the learning of these powerful concepts

With my Acupressurepoints Manual, I show you simple, yet effective ways to heal the body.The MP3s go into some of the areas most requested by our clients and customers around the world.

You’re getting intensive training in areas not readily taught.

Format: Instant MP3 Download

Price: $19.95

Secrets of Self Defense Manual

Now you can combine the concepts of Dim Mak with the latest self defense technologies with our “Secrets of Fighting & Self Defense” manual, which is also include as one of the manuscripts included in this hard copy version of Dim Mak Power Striking…This intensive manual will show you many different concepts, methods and tactics to stay safe and know that if it comes down to it, you’ll have an arsenal of techniques and strategies to use.

Here are just some of them:

  • The four zones of attack and why every fighter needs to be proficient in each
  • Blocking and striking keys
  • Centerline Concept
  • The one major secret that will allow you to win 95% of all fights you’re in.
  • Line familiarization and why you need to know it.
  • Real self-defense methodologies, including muggings, car-jackings and other attacks.
  • Where most crimes happen and how you can prevent them from ever occurring.
  • Discover the importance of awareness and how you can have a warning mechanism for all potentially dangerous situations.
  • The (5) mental weaknesses and how to avoid them.
  • Basic Vital Targets, including the (3) you want burned into your brain at all times.
  • Why a knife can be more dangerous than a gun in certain situations
  • Realistic ideas for defending against a gun wielding attacker.
  • The mental tactics that all warriors use.

Format: Instant PDF Access

Price: $19.95

Bonus- Stretching Tips Instruction

You’ll also receive our famous “Stretching Tips” instruction on stretching and how you can learn to perform extreme flexibility, even Chinese Splits!

People have raved about this simple yet effective training for years, and it’s yours as part of this amazing collection of unique methods.

Bonus- Pressure Points Charts

Because we believe in over-delivering to our customers, we have decided to include with this library, smaller versions of our three (3) pressure points and dim mak posters. Now, these aren’t the full size wall posters that you receive with our Dim Mak System, but they are wonderful 8 1/2 X 11 full color charts you can use to pin point the location of the acupressure or dim mak points. You will love them.

Pressure Points Chart

Head Pressure Points Chart

You’ll also receive a third chart, not pictured here.

Let’s Recap Everything You’ll Get

  • Dim Make Manual– $19.95
  • Dim Mak  Audio Files– $19.95
  • Acupressure Points Manual– $19.95
  • Acupressure  Audio Files– $19.95
  • Stretching Tips– FREE
  • Secrets of Self Defense Manual– $19.95
  • Pressure Points Chart– $9.95
  • Pressure Points Head Chart– $9.95

Total Value of $119.65!

You Have My Guarantee That You Will  Get These Training Charts, Manuals and Other Tools to Work Better in 60 Days

I’m not going to lie to you like some sleazy marketers do!

The truth is… Depending on how much time you decide to invest in this system, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be a Dim Mak Expert  in 60 days… for example, if you only do this every “now and then”  it might realistically take longer than 60 days.

However, what I CAN guarantee is that if you apply these techniques you will definitely be able to a level of proficiency where you can be dominant in your confidence with your skills.

Alright, I want to take any doubts or indecision you might have at this point, out of your head. Seriously, if you don’t take action, you will NEVER improve your striking skills… You’ll simply continue to struggle for years more with that thought of “what if”.

You’ll just keep procrastinating and making up lame excuses as to why you’re “gonna wait until next week” to start your journey.  PLEASE!

Why not make the decision TODAY to finally learn an exact proven method of executing these closed door techniques used by all the elite combat pros in all of the different martial arts….

These Secrets Are Yours For The Taking

I want you to realize that you have nothing to lose except maybe your old ways of thinking and doing. That’s why I’ve decided to offer you 100% unconditional money back guarantee if you do not successfully get this to work for you in 60 days.

You have a full 8 weeks to review the program and see for yourself as you begin on the journey of a lifetime through mind and spirit. If you are not satisfied with the information, we will give you a prompt and courteous refund.  It’s that simple.


You might ask why I am foolish enough to offer a money back guarantee. Well, basically I am assuming that you are a trustworthy individual that would not try to take advantage of me unless you were legitimately dissatisfied. However, I am so confident in this system that I know you’ll be satisfied once you see how well it works for you.

That’s my promise to you! I’m genuinely invested in helping you achieve your meditation goals and improving your quality of life forever.

You’re Probably Wondering How Much This Cool System Costs

I know what you’re thinking… So how much is this entire package going to cost me, Al? Well, as you can see, the value of this package, including the main Dim Mak System as well as the bonus items, is over $119.65

However, I wanted to make this program affordable for everyone, and a wise investment in your personal development & something you will do for the rest of your life!

For that reason, I’m offering this entire system, the Dim Mak Manual, Audio Files, Bonus Audio Files in addition to the 3 bonuses. This sells every day elsewhere for $119.65, and you can get this now for only $39.95 total for the entire system!

If you think about that in terms of getting these unique abilities that you want in 8 weeks, this comes out to only $.67  per day for 8 weeks!  Come on now… even your morning coffee or tea costs more than $.67 per day.

You’re Just Moments Away From The Skills of a Lifetime!

The order links below will take you to our guaranteed secure server and you can instantly download the printable PDF format E-book package, online audio and bonuses, and more.  Instead of waiting for a typical package in the mail, you can download this program immediately and get started on your new meditation journey in just minutes from now!

You can choose to read the program on your computer, or print it out to read anytime, anywhere. The audio bonuses will be available to listen to directly online or download to your preferred MP3 player

Don’t delay, because this  Limited Time Package Valued at $119.65 will only be available for a limited time due to the fact that I’ll probably release it as its own product, so grab this system today.

In just a few minutes, you’ll be able to download and start absorbing the info in the program and see for yourself why this system is currently not only one of the best selling meditation programs in the world, but also one of the best esoteric training manuals you’ll ever find…

Get started today and claim your Dim Mak Power Striking downloadable package, and receive this cutting edge program that is valued at $119.65 , click the following order button below to go to our secure processing page.

Take Action Today, You’ll Be Glad You Did–Only $39.95–

YES A.Thomas, I want in! Please let me. I want Dim Mak Power Striking Please Give me INSTANT access to this awesome treasure trove of knowledge right now.

IMPORTANT: You must check each box below to be eligible to participate in this special Dim Mak Offer

I understand that upon accepting this form, and placing an investment, I will have immediate access to the all the books and mp3 files, and bonus items. I also understand that I will commit time to learning and applying said techniques.

I understand this is a digital download and no products will be shipped to me.

I have a full 60 days to test drive this fully packed, explosive information and know that if I don’t receive the value I though I would, that I can simply return it for a full refund…

PLUS: You get upgrades for life, anytime I decide to add to this system at no additional charge ($47 future value).

Digital Download Version Only $39.95

Please Note: This is a downloadable program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The entire package will be immediately available for you to download and get started right away after ordering.  This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

If You Should Require Support for Your Order, email us at

Clicking the above order button will take you to a secure page for the transaction by Clickbank, the most popular online payment processor of digital products in the world. Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a download page to download the e-book program as well as the free bonuses.

If you have a high speed internet connection, the downloads usually take less than a minute.  The e-book download and free bonuses will be in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed, but if you don’t currently have it, a free download is available once you’re on the download page.

If you’re still unsure if “Dim Mak Power Striking” are right for you or have any question, please sign up for our FREE Information above, and we’ll send you additional training files.

Get ready to start on a path that is wonderful indeed in just weeks!


A. Thomas Perhacs (Al)

Author, Creator, Visionary of Dim Mak Power Striking

P.S. Don’t delay any longer in developing your Fightingskills! People that keep putting off their goals rarely ever get around to pursuing them. STOP procrastinating and making LAME excuses for why you aren’t where you want to be in life!  Arm yourself with the knowledge TODAY to get the results you want, and then ACT on it!

P.P.S. Remember, you are not only getting all (3) cutting edge  Manuals, but also the amazing audio  bonuses. This Package is valued at $119.65… and you get all of this for the small investment of only $39.95!

Heck, you’d spend more than that for some night out at a restaurant or a few cocktails with friends.  Why not do something that will improve your life instead! If you really desire these highly guarded skills, don’t miss out on this offer… Order NOW before the bonus package expires!

Yes Al, I want to start learning these high level methods of Dim Mak today!  Let’s get started: